Why College Girls Want Sugar Daddy in NYC

Many college girls want to find a sugar daddy in New York City. And although this does not make sense to some people, this makes sense to them. In the first place, they are already consenting adults. And, they are mainly happy about it.

They are just girls that decide to make use of their time, their good looks and their personality. Some college girls also have confessed about their dating protocol and their initial meet-ups to allowances and sex.

Here are the reasons why so many college girls want to find a sugar daddy in New York City:

·For the Main Purpose of Money
One of the college girls interviewed admitted that she dated a sugar daddy mainly for the purpose of money. Since she has just moved to the city to start college, it is an easy thing for her. She would always meet older guys online or in bars. And, she would let them take her out on a date. It became her passion to get connected with wealthier and older men.

·A Fancier Lifestyle
Most of the college girls would love to find a sugar daddy in New York City because of a fancier lifestyle. They also do not like the idea of driving a Mitsubishi. But instead, they like it better owning and driving a Porsche.

Apart from it, others are mainly attracted in older and wealthier men because of the things they offer to sugar babies. And due to the reason that college girls love holding up a Louis Vuitton bag and living a luxurious lifestyle, these are enough reasons why they looking for these sugar daddies and seeking arrangements.

·To Ultimately Enjoy a Quality and Standard of Life
Based on the many informed sources, the money that college girls get from their sugar daddies in New York City go to their college tuition. Some also go for their traveling, buying and shopping gifts and more.

However, the fact remains that college girls want to enjoy a higher quality and more standard life. They are also able to travel to the most exotic destinations around the world. Apart from it, they can shop at the best malls in the city and around the world.

·Monthly Allowance
Another interesting thing to know about the college girls is that they state the amount of monthly allowance they need. This makes the even more attractive. And based on the most reliable reports, the average amount that is received by most college girls is about $3000. There will still be some variations from one location to another.

Due to this trend, a lot of sugar relationship services have been made available. These are becoming more common these days. And, college girls are only after getting the most from this trend these days. As they are more contented at it, they are guaranteed by the consistent allowance, fancier lifestyle and quality and standard life!

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